About Willamette Welding Supply

Started in 1984 as a welding machine repair business, Willamette Welding Supply is a company that thinks about things differently.

“Do you use cream in your coffee?” asks owner Rich Kellum, an Oregon native who’s been a member of the American Welding Society for more than 32 years.

Rich explains that there is “their way” to add cream to coffee: Pour the coffee, pour in the cream, stir. Place the spoon on the table – oops, coffee spot! Wipe up with napkin.

“Our way is different,” Rich says. “Pour in the cream, pour in the coffee. No stirring required, no spoon to wash, no coffee spot on the table. Do that twice a day – that’s 720 spoons that you do not have to wash each year!”

Rich, who moved the company to 4085 E Commercial Way in 1993 and, at the same time, made Willamette Welding into a full-service welding supply company, likes to save time, energy and effort while producing excellent results, and he carries that over to the advice and assistance he provides to all his customers.

“Have your company think like this and make more profit,” Rich says, continuing on with the creamer example. “Twenty people in your company? That’s 576,000 clean spoons; 72,000 gallons of water saved. That is just if nobody teaches anyone else. I am not trying to save the planet, I just don’t like to waste the cleaning of spoons!”

With this philosophy, Willamette Welding Supply sells and services welding machines of all types, as well as plasma cutters and plasma welding systems. Beginning to advanced welders can buy equipment, support equipment and gasses. Rich and his staff also teach basic welding skills to customers who “know just enough to be dangerous.”

Rich, who is a Vietnam veteran, Mensan and member of the choir at the 1st United Methodist Church in Salem, has been known to sing “Happy Birthday” in line at the bank or break into song in a restaurant. He knows his stuff when it comes to welding, too: He’s been a Board Member and National Director and served two terms as a District Director as well as currently sits on the technical committees for Titanium and Zirconium in his more than three decades with the American Welding Society.

Willamette Welding Supply supports the local community, the business community and the welding industry as a member of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and Association of Independent Welding Distributors.