A welder at Willamette Welding Supply in Albany, Oregon demonstrates of of our fine inverter welders by Jasic.

Jasic Inverter Welders

Willamette Welding Supply is the original distributor for Jasic Inverter Welding machines.

We have hundreds of welding machines on the shelf. Most distributors don’t have that many in one location. if you need a welder, it can be sent immediately from our Oregon headquarters — you don’t have to buy and wait for this to be shipped from the factory.

Look through the machines that we have on the left and let us know how we can help you.

More on Inverters

Do you have questions about welding inverters? We are often asked:

  • Why buy an inverter welding machine?
  • How do inverters work?
  • What makes inverters better?
  • Are inverters really more efficient?

First, inverters use up to 35% less power because they run at higher frequency. The higher the frequency, the more power that can be run through a transformer. With more power, a transformer can be smaller and can produce a smaller magnetic field; therefore there is a smaller power loss from that transformer.

A smaller transformer also means that the inverter machine will weigh less. They use fewer materials so they are less expensive. And they are more efficient because you don’t have to haul a heavy machine to the job site.

Savings in efficiency include:

  • Smaller power cords, or longer power cords and very little welding lead
  • Less weight means less to move around and less set up time for the weld
  • Lighter machines are easier and take less time to adjust
  • Labor can be focused on the weld – more productivity and more profit