ARC 400 Inverter Welder from Jasic Available from Willamette Welding Supply in Albany, Oregon.

ARC 400 Inverter Welder

Wholesale Price: $989.00


  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology.
  • Smooth, stable arc with little spatter.
  • 20 KHz inverter frequency reduces weight and size for ease in transporting to the job site.
  • Switching frequency is beyond audio range for reduced noise.


Rated input voltageAC480V (three phases) @ 60 Hz
Recommended fuse capacity40A
Rated output400A/36V
Welding current adjustment range20-410A
Arc-force adjustment range20-200A
No-load voltage65V
Arc starting current adjustment range50-320A
Arc starting timeS
Rated duty cycle60%
Protection class IP21S
Dimensions22.0 × 11.0 × 20.0 in. (559 × 279 × 508 mm)
Weight68 lbs. (30.8 kg)