MIG 250 J67

Wholesale Price: $1,488.00


MIG/MMA (IGBT) Inverter Welder available from Willamette Welding Supply in Albany, Oregon.

  • Triple function machine covers MIG welding, arc welding and no gas self-protection welding.
  • IGBT inverter technology offers high reliability.
  • High duty cycle enables long welding times.
  • Closed loop feedback control, constant voltage output, suitable for wide voltage range (±15%).
  • Adjustable welding voltage and current delivers excellent welding performance.
  • Unique welding control circuit lets you create a smooth, stable arc with little spatter.
  • Slow wire feeding, high no-load, automatically remove the tip ball after welding, high success rate of arc starting.


Input voltage/frequencyAC230V (single phase) ±15% @ 50 Hz
Input current55A
Rated input power capacity12.6 KVA
Recommended fuse capacity70A
MMA current range10-250A
CO2 current range25-250A
CO2 voltage range11-29V
No-load voltage54V
Wire feed speed59-630 in/min
Diameter of wire.024/.030/.035/.045 in.
Wire feeder typeInside
Rated duty cycle35% at 40℃
Power factor0.7 COSφ
Protection classIP21
Insulation classF
Dimensions34.6 × 11.7 × 24.3 in. (880 × 296 × 616 mm)
Weight103.6 lbs. (47 kg)